There is a plot to control the minds of the people of America. It begins with the youth. It is often referred to as "Dumbing Down" and it is real and it works. In America 300 years ago, children read by age four and began college by thirteen and fourteen. Today the Goals 2000 includes that children read by the fourth grade. The goal of public education has never been to provide "free schooling for all children in order to have educated and informed citizenry, but rather to use the powers of the state by way of the public schools to break the hold of religious tradition and inherited culture, and to change society through the child's round up America's children and corral them into state-run behavior modification centers." The current plan is nationwide year-round school, 6:00am to 6:00pm, for children three months to eighteen years old. This ties in the Clinton Administration's goal of a "seamless system of intervention from prenatal care through the early grades." This is mind control. The number of hours a baby spends in day care severely diminishes the mother-child bond, and it is this attachment relationship that forms the foundation of the child's personality: the baby hungers for his mother's presence as much as for food, and her absence creates a powerful sense of loss and anger, seen later in life as behavioral and psychological problems such as cruelty, hatred, violence. In the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC there is a quota from Hitler: "I want to raise a generation of young people who are devoid of conscience, imperious, relentless, and cruel." His highly effective plan was to remove from its place in society the Christian church (and the Bible), and to take control of the education process, starting with the children. WHAT DOES EASTERN EUROPEAN GOVERNMENT HAVE TO DO WITH OUR CURRENT PUBLIC EDUCATION SYSTEM? Horace Mann was one of a group of elitists in the early 1800's who believed that their ideologies were best for the nation but were unable to convince enough of their peers to enact any meaningful legislation. So Mann turned to the upcoming generation, the children: "Having found the present generation composed of materials almost unmalleable, I am about transferring my efforts to the next. Men are cast-iron but children are wax." Horace Mann and his group visited then-Prussia, in Eastern Europe, and were impressed with the "order, obedience, and efficiency" of that society. Prussia's goal had been to re-shape the educational system and create a nation in which everyone would learn how to take orders and serve the government as obedient soldiers and workers, subservient civil servants for both government and industry, and citizens who thought alike about major issues. Their methodry, which Mann brought to America, included standard curriculum through government-controlled textbooks, compulsory attendance, full financial support via taxation, truant officers, graded classrooms, and teachers trained by the state. Hitler employed this system during the early years of his rule so that when he was ready to go to war with the world, his citizenry was in full agreement. Before Horace Mann's school attendance law was in force, community one-room school had produced self-reliance, independent thinking, and strong community and neighborhood ties. These locally controlled schools were (as they are today) a threat to the government because academic achievement and independent thinking are NOT the purpose of state education (instead, brainwashing) and consequently children are bussed far from home to huge consolidated centers. by the beginning of this century, educator John Dewey was promoting his "sight reading" method of learning in order to limit the students' abilities to read only those words taught to them by the teacher. He said that reading is dangerous to society: "In modern society, people would be defined by their associations, the groups to which they belonged, not by their own individual accomplishments. In such a world, people who read too well or too early are dangerous because they know how to find out what they don't know all by themselves without consulting experts." That modern society is today. The "experts" are the politically elite and powerful. Mann, Dewy, and their successors were financed by private foundations including Carnegie, Ford, Rockerfeller, and over the last 150 years they have systematically destroyed local and parental control of the schools and the children. Public criticism has been largely avoided because these powerful men and their descendants also control the news and entertainment industries, promoting such thinking as "political correctness" and "everyone's doing it" mentality. As awareness grows, more and more families are beginning to return to home schooling, private schools, charter schools, and stay-at-home moms are now becoming more acceptable than institutionalized day care. But we are still a long way from stopping the take-over of our minds. The goal for each individual should be to excel to his or her greatest potential without being prevented in their own search for knowledge.